I've been pretty busy working with Color Management, now that it actually works. We're still discovering new solutions to old problems.

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In the last few years I've become increasingly involved in electric vehicles, specifically electric bikes and motorcycles. I've built a few bikes, put together a book, "...from Fossils to Flux", to help the beginner build their own electric motorcycle, and have been a contributor to several sites and magazines.

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My photography blog, with resources and support information for digital photographers hasn't gone anywhere...

Here are the photo links:

Photography - gallery

Ted Dillard Blog - - - Resources

Digital Photography help videos / TedDillard Youtube channel

Throughout everything, the focus has always been communicating clearly about technology.

Whether writing about the latest digital sensor technology, fine art reproduction techniques, electric bicycles or alternative energy gardening techniques, I write to an audience that wants specific information rather than jargon and catchphrases. 

They need information and understanding to build their confidence in their decision-making.  They do not want to be impressed.  They want the tools to learn.  They have no patience for work that wastes their time. 

My particular talent is in my ability to grasp highly technical concepts, processes and techniques and communicate them in a way that most educated, reasonable and intellectually curious readers can understand as efficiently as possible. 

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